THE CIRCUS ANIMALS is just a Romance about a Tragedy about some friends making a movie.

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written & directed by. Nicholas Bateman
cinematographer. David Ross
co producers. Michelle Lea Hill & Francis Cabatac
executive producers. Michelle Lea Hill, Bryan Campanello, John C. Campanello, Andrew Hann, Joe Miller, Ethan Millspaugh
Original Music. Aaron Boudreaux
Production Design. Kate Bateman
Art Direction. Cassandra Louise Baker
Sound Design. R. Alex Kliner
Editing: Nicholas Bateman with Edmond Cofie

STARRING: Francis cabatac, nicholas bateman, katie o. solomon, hannah lewis, andrew hann, edmond cofie, alexander kafarakis, lauren leone baker, taylor sloey, maddie hicks, aaron boudreaux and mickey cox

"THE CIRCUS ANIMALS' ... is a movie that is almost too personal- like a secret not meant for you, but overheard. The personal passion is evident in every frame, hazy glance, and strained sound. "
Ryan Syrek- The Omaha Reader

"Makes a lasting impression!"
Mark Bell- Film Threat

" Dwells in a world all its own... a style so focused and sure" 
Erin Gleeson- Baltimore City Paper

"A tremendously human, universal film of struggle and endeavour. It’s comforting and exhilarating to be reminded every now and then that truly great things are possible with limited resources and some beautiful minds."
Nash Sibandi-